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September 21, 2022

Dear Eminences, Graces, Excellencies and Rev Fathers,

Greetings from the FABC Central Secretariat in Bangkok. In a few weeks the FABC General Conference will commence in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Baan Phu Waan Pastoral Centre from 12th to 30th of October 2022.

In order to help the dioceses and churches across Asia know and understand what the FABC is about, we have created and made available a dedicated website https://www.fabc2020.org/. This is also available from the fabc.org website.

Specifically, on the website, we have created a Resource Page, https://www.fabc2020.org/resources, which has the FABC Prayer for the General Conference in various languages and the Song of Asia.

Most importantly to help people know and understand the FABC there are a series of eight short videos.

These help one understand the FABC and the context of the General Conference. These videos are in English but scripts are available for translation and subtitles in the language of your country or region. We have also provided the videos without the soundtrack and voiceover, to enable record the voiceover in your local language.

Find below the list of videos and links available:

1. Down memory lane (Script provided)
2. Rational behind the Logo (Script Provided)
3. In conversation with the song writer (No script)
4. The Song of Asia video (Music Video with text and without text of the song provided)
5. Structures video (Script provided)
6. Pleanary 1 (Script provided)
7. Pleanary 2 (Script provided)
8. Contribution of the Church of Asia to the Universal Church (Script Provided)

We earnestly request you to kindly pass this information to the dioceses in your conferences and ask them to encourage parishes to know about the FABC and pray for the success of FABC General Conference.

Thank you in anticipation for making the FABC known and looking forward to your cooperation.

Yours in Christ,
Bp. Allwyn D’Silva
Adjunct Secretary
FABC General Conference


FABC Fifty Years Asian Pastoral Guidance

We are approaching the Inauguration of the FABC 50 General Conference. 

First: Inauguration

We will inaugurate this General Conference on August 22. This Inauguration will take place at the Shrine of Blessed Nicholas Bunkerd Kitbamrung, in Bangkok. It will begin at noon Bangkok time. This will be a live online event and it will also be available after via social media. This will be available at fabc2020.org 50 Years of the FABC | FABC2020, on the YouTube and or Facebook of Thai Catholic Media – CSCT and LiCAS News. (2) Thai Catholic Media – ส่ือมวลชนคาทอลิกประเทศไทย | Facebook or Thai CatholicMedia – CSCT- – YouTube and (2) LiCAS.news | Facebook and LICAS•NEWS – YouTube.

You may join this or watch it after it is over as a way of participating.

Second: Prayer for FABC 50

We are requesting that after the August 22 inauguration, that all of our people here in Asia enter into a period of prayer for this first ever General Conference. Prayer is an essential preparation. We have encouraged prayer for the FABC 50 throughout all of Asia. 

Third: Song of Asia

The Song of Asia, Bless Our God Who Walks with Us was written for the FABC 50 General Conference. This will include the words, musical accompaniment, the vocal score. An original video and video also made for this and a minus one version. There are files that can be downloaded at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_E9i5tqfcHQUQBQt_Ixxr0LGz0JSCpup?usp =sharing. This song is to be disseminated so people will be familiar with it and be able to use it after August 22. The minus 1 version can be used as the music while choirs can sing it. They make their own videos of it with a translation as subtitles if they wish. This Song will be officially launched on August 22. We have requested that it be used as often as possible after August 22.

It is our hope that the prayer and the song will help create awareness and interest and a sense of participation in an Asia wide event. Please encourage the use of these.

Website: https://www.fabc2020.org/

Click to Download:


Click to Download PRAYER in different languages:

Prayer in Bahasa Malaysia   |    Prayer in Tamil     |     Prayer in English 

View video in Facebook: https://fb.watch/f2LrxI3wE7/
Also on: https://fb.watch/f2KPI14FNq/

Inauguration Ceremony: https://fb.watch/f2NKTQDQHd/

FABC Fifty Years Asian Pastoral Guidance

The Central Secretariat of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) is bringing out a book on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Asian Bishop’s Meeting in 1970 which was the beginning of the FABC This anniversary book is the re-edited collection of the Final Statements of all the eleven Plenary Assemblies of the FABC that were held so far. It also includes the valuable documents of the 1970 Asian Bishops’ Meeting.

The Fifty Years Asian Pastoral Guidance 1 and Fifty Years Asian Pastoral Guidance 2 are now available online.

Website: https://www.fabc2020.org/


For further information, visit: www.fabc.org